Frankie, what on earth are you talking about now?” Frankie replies, “I’m so glad you asked.” As I was lying here minding my own business as I usually do, thoughts, words, and ideas, came dancing into my head as they usually do.

So here we are once again. I was thinking about the chaos, lawlessness, rampant slack morality, lack of accountability, helpless irresponsible government, and leadership, flooding and drowning humanity. My mind started contemplating the order of the universe, the order and design of the human body, the complexity of our brains, the miracle of our sight, sound, and other senses. I’ve also thought about how a lot of us down here on planet earth seem to be possessed with a spirit of selfishness and destruction.

I am thinking about the consistency, the history, the prophecy, the stories of the Bible. I am thinking about the first few chapters of Genesis and God’s creative ability. I am thinking about the account of God, literally speaking the universe into existence, “Ex Nihilo”– Hebrew meaning “out of nothing” ( including pre-existing material.)

It seems to me that anybody that knows much about anything, could easily see that our universe, earth, our bodies, and everything are designed systems of order and laws, designs of wonderful Divine Calculation. But that’s just me, I’ve been born from above, and have been blessed with God’s revelation knowledge. Please understand that I’m nothing special. This is not to say that I don’t believe I’m “fearfully and wonderfully made”, as God says, but to me, it means this.

I am what I am, because of making a spiritual decision and commitment to God. God says that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” As I said, I am really nothing special, but God honors His word and says “If I put faith in Him, He will save me.” Not only will He save me, but He will sanctify me throughout my life. This pilgrim’s journey has been filled with constant learning, trying to overcome the desires of the flesh which is an ongoing battle. I’m trying to live in the spirit and not be so ugly that God can’t use me. I have been told by many Christian friends that I’m a spiritual “ground soldier.” You might be wondering what that means, I will tell you. Despite my shortcomings, failing God on many occasions, and the dullness of my mind, God chooses to use me in a unique unusual way to present His gospel. Understand, this comment is not from my puffed-up flesh, but what I have been told by many, many, others throughout the years.

Moving on, I grew up in Northern Virginia, surrounded by the politics of Washington D.C.– I grew up seeing how good and bad manifest in people of leadership and power. I have watched the slow painful death of “Representative Government.” I have watched greedy men and women get elected to Congress, the Senate, and White House, who then do absolutely nothing, except try to get re-elected, so they can continue to do nothing, all the while getting rich off of “The taxpayer’s Blood Sweat and Tears.” It can have a profound altering effect on a person, as I am evidence of. Consider many through the decades, of late, people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Cuomo Brothers, “Diablo Diblasio”, and many many more. If you care to see how confused some people are, how deceptive many are, just watch Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on The View, and try not t throwing up all over yourself. The ugliness, the greed, the high-minded haughtiness, the bitterness, the prejudice, the ignorant darkness, the resentment, of these and others in Hollywood and all around are absolutely obnoxious.

To wrap up, IMHO, what’s going on in this world, the conflict, the pain, the suffering, the wars, the death, the misunderstandings, the destruction, the racism, etc.; we need to understand “these” by understanding there is nothing new Under the Sun. Again, as I think of the orderly account in Genesis and the original intention of God our creator, I fully understand why we have the problems that we have. Friends this is not rocket science or some Cosmic mystery. It’s obvious to me that it’s all very basic. Where do you think the power struggles that are going on in Washington DC and capitals around the world originally came from? What is the history of antiquity? Christian and non-Christian history record the truth of the struggle between Good and Evil. Also recorded is the struggle between God and the devil. What should be recognizable is that human souls are caught up in the middle of this struggle. I personally believe that in a lot of ways our Flesh Blood and Bone existence on this spinning earth, is “one big test” to see who/what our spirits and souls will actually choose and worship, to see, WHO will we side with and worship in eternity, God or Satan? Now you can ‘dumb everything down if you want to’, and take the easy road of the “natural mind and Darwinian evolution” and all that garbage, but then you’ll have to ask yourself, where do you end up and what is the meaning of life? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE IN US BEING HERE? Just a random chaotic long shot chance? “Me believes and thinks not.” Frankie The Earthman.

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