Meanwhile the treasury secretary also tried to reassure Americans that inflation was once again as she’s been saying wrong again but temporary problem it’s the same lie they have now been peddling for months and months but today the Federal Reserve chairman finally admitted inflation was not transitory or short lived in fact under Biden inflation will likely be with us indefinitely now instead of working to address the crisis and bringing down costs Joe is only making it worse is now proposing higher we’re paying a buck fifty more gallon let’s play more he just signed off on more than a trillion dollars in new spending he is now demanding 3 trillion more than the new green deal socialist welfare our enemies see it now, O’Hara said mayor Pete seemingly competing to take Joe’s Place at the top of the ticket in 2024 even Democrats have doubts that Joe is capable of running for a second term I’m not even sure this guy can finish his first term now Pete and Kamala reportedly hate each other they’re planning an awkward joint trip to North Carolina in order to dispel the rumors about their rivalry but tonight there is something much more urgent than a few inside the White House and do covid-19 variant is now spreading across the globe Joe Biden was so concerned about it that he ban travel from several African countries does by calling President Trump hysterical xenophobic a fear Monger races for doing the exact same thing as it turns out the new Omicron very well now I find out was reportedly in Europe before it spread to Africa and by the way Joe is going take a look-see first to put in full context to Peter was the way that the former president put out I believe a xenophobic tweet … We’re phucked, Frankie The Earthman.

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