Do you smell that foul smell? Well, it’s a rat! THE VIRUS “FEAR” RAT! … The Democrats and the 2030 New World Order, Globalist agenda must keep Americans terrified and in deep fear. As I’ve said many times before, all the Democrats have is “fear and racism” to propel their agenda, they can’t win anything legitimately, logically, intellectually, or by any other means. So they resort to World War II, Nazi propaganda tactics, if you are not aware of this, what the hell have you been doing? Watch Australia and Austria, America is next.

So what’s my point? Wait for it ... VIRUSES CANNOT BE CONTROLLED. Do you want to live in a futuristic biomedical state? Our country is at stake. We Americans must be or become students of history. The command and control of an Authoritarian Communist government never worked and will never work. How many times must our heads be banged up against this wall? Frankie The Earthman. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m not really that excited about living in this world anymore, it’s hard to see clear of the continued demise, evil, and unawareness of humanity. I will live out the days I have been given. Oh, by the way, ( I don’t want to alarm, warn, or upset anyone, but ), Antichrist is coming, all this “lawless activity” you see now, is really just roads being paved, red carpet being rolled out, for the “prince of the power of the air.” Satan. Frankie, a dead man walking.

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