For the “Dems” and others conspiring with them, “IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL. Control of our minds ( right down to your very thoughts) control of our jobs, control of our health, control of “Our Lives” from cradle to grave. I forgot control through Covid, and the associated life halting, alarming, fear-mongering tactics, associated with it.

I have turned the corner with the Democrats and our government in general. Particularly with this Administration, it is no longer a representative government. Friends, you and I are seen as “no better than cattle.” Cattle to be rounded up, branded, jabbed with experimental drugs, and if the present course is not halted, exterminated when the opportunity presents itself. I have some news for you, the same Satanic spirit that was involved in World War II, Hitler, and his henchmen is still active, roaming the world,and focusing on the destruction of the United States and Israel. Sorry to offend you, but if you can’t see this, go have your spiritual brain checked. “We are in for it”, the tribulation is coming, believer or not, ready or not.

Now back to my having “turned the corner with the Democratic agenda” … let me be clear, I don’t like any of them, I don’t have any use for any of them, I don’t trust any of them, I think their father is Satan. Let me explain if you are not familiar with what Satan was trying to do and did in the Garden of Eden; recall how Satan challenged what God commanded, and wanted to redirect their thoughts to “his”twisting and polluting pushing what “he” sez they should be thinking and doing. This is exactly the same spirit that controls the democratic party, it’s all about control, it’s all about rebellion against anything that is American, Godly, or foundational to America’s real history. The Democrats and many others are now so demonic and pathetic that I feel sorry for them. In my humble opinion, the worst thing that can happen to a human being is to deviate so far away from God, that you are a reprobate. More later, Frankie The Earthman. Think of how bad the Democratic thinking really is: Kamala Harris has failed perfectly in her role as Vice President. For the life of me, I do not understand how they can go from this failure of hers to recommending her for the Supreme Court, which would make her a part of every big decision coming down the pike for the American people, this is demonic insanity.

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