Dr. Fauci, in a behind-the-scenes interview about the pronunciation of both his name and the virus Omicrom … Additionally, Dr. Fowsee had changed from his coat and tie to a t-shirt which read on the front, “Whistle while you work Hitler was not a jerk.” Anyway, not surprising.

Dr. Fauci said he has heard his name pronounced in many different ways … Dr. Falseee ... Dr. Phuxme, Dr. Fowchee, Dr. Fowl cheese … And last but not least … Dr. Whyyouscrewussohard … ( smirk)

On to “Omicron” –“Dr. Mousey” said he had heard many variations of the pronunciation of Omicron — Uhmimacrumb, Cronnunism, Hominycrumb, Ohmycorn, Unicornism, Ohmyluckycharms … It was noted that during the interview the doctor was flippant, and had a s*** eating grin on his face the whole time. He ended the interview by telling the host “I have to hurry the bank closes “suun.”… revealing a hint of a Chinese accent. Frankie The Earthman.

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