Seems to me, I guess everybody knows or should know; if you’re white and defend yourself you’re a criminal. If you’re black and you take a red SUV and mow down and kill several people and injure a bunch more, you’re a victim and being demonized, and the court system doesn’t work. Well, la dee da …

Well folks, I think we have it all wrong, ( as to the raging lawlessness, disrespect for life, and all the other Madness going on in our culture. (Here I go preaching again, but I can’t resist.) What can we do to change how a child is raised? … What can we do about their parents either loving them or neglecting and abusing them? Why do we sacrifice, limit, and hinder Public Safety by not putting criminals in jail, because the general view is that our prison systems make hardened criminals out of a lot of people?

Until we all look at our fallen nature and our dark hearts, very little is going to change. I’ll leave it at that for now … Frankie The Earthman. Alias– J. Nicholson look-alike, somewhat.

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