THERE’S A CONSUMING BLACK HOLE SWIRLING … DEEP within the hollow Of MY bleeding CRACKED SKULL … SEE WORDS FALLING IN, lyrics of old Jethro Tull “I’ll buy you six bay mares To put in your stables Six golden apples bought with my pay. I am the first piper who calls the sweet tune, But I must be gone by the seventh day. Whistle along on the seventh day.”

There’s a black hole hard sucking, Twisting, and turning Every word every scribble That I’ve had to say. But I will keep writing forever and ever A Black hole is storming to take me away.

All kinds of madness I’ve felt upon me. Many is the day when I’ve had no song … But I’ll keep dreaming of me and my love together Dancing on the soft summer sand Of our eternal ‘long home’ Get ready, I’m the Wordsmith I have a dream and words to say.

The above is a tribute to the legendary Ian Anderson ( Jethro Tull) where half of the lyrics have just been born by me, and half of the lyrics will live forever by Ian Anderson, in the Tull song — “THE WHISTLER.”… FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN. You, the reader can figure out which words are mine, and which are Ian’s. Thank you, Jethro Tull.

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