Oh, you will have to wait 55 years to do that my friends, that is if you’re still alive. Reference a 90-day report released by “Becker” ‘something or other’, about adverse reactions to initial ‘flippantly called’ ” jabs” ( I have grown to hate that term, isn’t that a boxing term?) Also, it seems this is the same ‘upside down’ “no accountability philosophy” spewed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party, Biden, Congress, and some Republicans; (Pass the 1400 page legislature and then we’ll see what’s in it. Riiiiight) “get the shot and then we’ll look at the data and documentation.” Note: Pfizer and “Becker” both have 90-day reports that are dated December 1st, 2020 — to February 2021. The bottom line is this — seems requests have been made to the FDA, CDC, and whoever is responsible, for “data documentation and history of the initial testing on Covid.” The answer generally received in response to these requests was that “it would take 55 years to provide this information.”

Here’s the “dirt”… it seems during operation “warp speed”, all manner of ethics and codes of conduct were bypassed by the FDA, Anthony Fauci, whoever from the W.H.O. and others, representing the government at that time, so on and so forth. Okay, friends, yous’ are going to have to run with this yourselves, I have led you to the well, but I can’t make you drink … Folks, when the train comes around, do not get on the train! I repeat, do not get on the train! no matter how many lies you are told. Can you say “PLANDEMIC?”

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