TRUTH, IN PARTICULAR ABSOLUTE TRUTH, is not popular, generally speaking in the world today. Political Correctness, Identity Politics, Cancel Culture, Legal Correctness, Race Baiting, Dystopian Madness, the self-centered haughtiness of this me me me, my my my, mine, mine, mine, “My Truth Is Truth” is dominating the masses, contributing to the ever-growing chaos of our culture and society. ( Ref: George Harrison’s book Title) … Add the multitudes obsessed, absorbed, and saturated with the “My selfies here, My selfies there, me and you standing in our underwear! Phenomena, and Eureka!, I think you see my point.

Now, I will move on to my intended rant. Since people, a lot of people anyway, don’t want to pay attention to the truth or the “likely truth”, I’ll go ahead and give you some anyway. My opening comments above are mentioned to expose, what I believe are bait, being part of a ” grand design of distraction.” I’m sure you know the oldest trick in the books, “they set the house on fire at the end of the street, mean while at the other end they rob the bank, Capeesh?”

I am reflecting on what little news coverage there has been on the Biden/Putin virtual get together. Here’s what my studies, my discernment and my opinion, based on biblical *Eschatology, ( *End Time Events) reveal to me.

Those of you who are informed enough and care enough to know of biblical prophecy and its relevance, surely know of this: A One World Government, Cashless Society, MARK OF THE BEAST, New World Order, is coming. I would ask you to find relevance in the “left’s” “Kill the Constitution, destroy everything American and the American way, pushed by the “Progressive Regressive” wing of the democratic party, including many Republicans.

What makes sense to me is this: Biden is kowtowing and hoping that “diplomacy”, (you know the sorry-ass kind that Barack Obama put forth.) will have some profound, earth-shaking effect on Mr. Putin. Putin is a “long game” strategist, meanwhile, ‘by the way’ *China is gearing up to attack Taiwan. *Here comes the distraction principle again. Anyway, Putin may perceive Biden’s “diplomacy, apologetic kowtowing” as weakness, as he (Putin) doesn’t want Ukraine to benefit from the European Union. What Putin really wants to do is undermine NATO. Russia is a “still dying” ex-world power. What do you perceive?

“So in my opinion and discernment, the goal of American Marxism taking hold in the United States is to have a one-party system, that will hopefully give in to the New World Order, the Globalist, One World system of government” that will usher in the Antichrist. When the Tribulation (See Daniel’s 70th week) begins, the powers-that-be do not want the United States and Israel holding on to their Nationalism. “They” want us separated and divided. Frankie The Earthman. There’ The Dirt. Now go dig up some more, it’s everywhere.

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