Well, it’s the gladest of thangs’ that I’ve ever seen. It’s the strangest of thangs, now here’s what I mean. Many times in my life I’ve been vicious and mean, yet Jesus loves someone like me.

Well, it’s the gladest, the happiest of anythang I’ve seen Sometimes I’ve been so rude and sometimes I’ve been so mean, I used to cuss like a sailor, until I turned green, yet Jesus loves someone like me.

Well it’s so glorious ,this deliverance of anythang I’ve seen. To gaze up at Jesus God, hangin’ on that thar’ tree, it’s the the strangest of thangs, that I’ve ever seen, yet Jesus done died for you and me. … A Mountain man’s hymn, created whilst walkin’ in the cool of The Appalachian Trail in good ol’ Virginie … Frankie The Earthman.

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