” Fankie, Fankie, Fankie, what has your ass chapped now?” (As a young boy under the age of 8 years old, some of my relatives, aunts, and uncles used to call me ‘Fankie’, I guess they thought it was cute, I’m still trying to figure out if I think it is/was cute or not, not for a grown man anyway. If I was limp-wristed, and light in the loafers, spoke with my hand on my hip, (if you know what I mean), maybe Fankie would work, but I don’t, and I’m not queer as the day is long. I am gay as in joyful & happy, however,( smirk) It’s just, I was kind of shocked when Jussie Smollett said that his name was pronounced “Juicy”, that might fly well with the rainbow flag wavers but, I’m straight old school. Lesbians and I have one thing in common, we both admire a woman’s undercarriage, excuse me for being so FRANK. But I hardly follow the political correctness that is destroying our country, people should be able to speak their minds, and not be condemned or canceled for it. If you’re so mentally unstable you can’t handle a little joke, then I feel sorry for you. Go vote Joe Biden, and see where that leads you.

Let’s get to X’s and Y’s, as in male and female. You know, I can wake up every morning, climb up to the top of a hill, and scream “I am a great writer, I identify as a great writer.” And that doesn’t make it any more so, than snow falling when it’s a hundred degrees. An X is an X, & Y is a Y, all the cosmetic changes and hormone treatment in the world will not change an X into a Y. and a Y into an X, One can cosmetically add or take away a penis and breasts, get your lips all jacked up on something, get some eyebrows, eyelashes and shave your legs or, grow hair on your legs, and “take a walk on the wild side”, but you’re still either a man or a woman, all the way down to your cellular level. If you don’t “like it like that” take it up with God that made you, quit being a jerk, and worse, deceived by the devil. I have to go put some Vaseline on my severely chapped ass. Fankie The Earthman.

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