For those of you that don’t know me very well yet, ( my title is loaded with “Frankie the Earthman sarcasm. I was debating whether to title this post “Living in the Kingdom of Joe Biden, the Great Uniter in Chief “, but that’s a little long-winded.

So, without naming names, I would like to tell by way of example, how I’m living out the great benefits of Biden’s “unifying magic.” I will recount a story about my neighbor. We will leave the identity unknown.

My neighbor and I, ( I found out through several get-togethers) have little in common. The only two things that we might agree on, are the weather and … ( well it’s just the weather we have in common.) On this particular evening, our political differences and opinions came to the ugly surface. I asked my neighbor ( who other than his/her political stance is a good person.) However, one night the teapot blew up. I asked a question knowing of my neighbors Democrat preferences and his/her hatred of Donald Trump, “So, some nine months in, how do you feel about Joe Biden’s performance?” The reply was, “God bless Joe Biden, he’s doing great.” I replied, “Please tell me one thing that Joe Biden has done to help America?” He quipped, “His handling of the Covid-19 situation.” ( the only issue to come to mind from him/her) I said, “Really? … Joe Biden with the help of his little puppet Anthony Fauci and whatever “team” that is really running the show in the White House, has screwed up everything that they have addressed, including Covid. My neighbor blew up, banging on the porch glass table and going on about how Donald Trump was a liar, a criminal, and a p**** grabber. I replied, “So what, who cares? and added, ” In case you haven’t figured it out, that’s what rich businessmen do typically, I’m not saying it’s ideal, but it’s typical womanizing and locker room talk, don’t make too much of it. My neighbor turned purple, as I stood up and said “it’s time for me to go.” We haven’t talked since. I don’t have time for his/her hatred, the brainwashed “delusional intolerant tolerance” that is so sickening among the bleeding-heart Liberals. So, there you have it. Frankie The Earthman.

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