The protester’s sign read: Capitalism Thrives on Inequality. Well, let’s have a deep look at this.

Have you ever heard of the saying “The cream rises to the top?” If all men and women are truly created equal, that being so, then it’s up to each individual to find a way to develop what God has given them. The “go-getters” in this life who “get after it” and make a lot of money and success, are not responsible for those that choose to sit around and b**** and moan, while they do next to nothing to advance their cause, and believe that a handout is due to them.

The subject of equality began with Satan wanting to be equal and even higher than God. Satan was a created being, there is no way that he could be equal with God, but he still tried. The heart of the matter is this; when Satan challenged God saying to Adam and Eve, “Has God said that you may eat from of all the trees and fruit of the garden, except from the tree in the midst of the garden? Has he also said, that in the day that you eat of the forbidden tree you will surely die? Satan continuing– God knows that in the day you eat thereof, that your eyes will be opened and you will be like Him ( paraphrased. )

Let’s have a psychology lesson. Seems to me that the theme of Marxism/ Communism is that a few power-hungry can rise to the top if they can make the masses believe that “equality” is the most important thing in their lives. ( And these “know it all few” can provide this equality ) It’s almost like they want to convince everyone, in fact, brainwash everyone into thinking, that if all are not continuing being equal, ( beyond being born equal) that some kind of injustice has been done to them. Wealth should be spread equally, no matter who made it, with the state taking the main part of it off the top. Never mind the fact that if you work hard you’re going to get ahead, if you get a good education you’re going to do better, and if you sit around on your ass you’re not going to do so well. Then some politician or progressive activist comes along and says “it’s okay to sit on your ass, you still deserve to have what other people have earned.” This is a nice easy lie to get duped into.

So, we arrive at the deeper part of my post. Here I go getting spiritual again, but I can’t help it. Some things are glaringly obvious to me. Here we go again back to the Garden of Eden. Let’s look at what I believe to be the root cause of most of our problems as a race, a culture, and society, concerning equality.

So, I see a parallel, Satan was implying that God was withholding from Adam and Eve “being like/as God, knowing good and evil. Again, I believe Satan was saying that an injustice had been committed because God was withholding something from his created beings. “So there is common ground in the situation with Satan, and the situation of our leaders trying to convince us that we are entitled to something we haven’t earned, or don’t deserve.” Satan did not rate being higher than God, and people though created equal do not achieve equality, and do not succeed equally. Marxism and Communism are simply controlling features, to suppress and oppress the masses through “making equality an obsession and to seem so important,” like Marxist “equality” will solve all the problems of society and bring happiness, so meanwhile a few can rise to the top, and continue to control and beat the masses into submission, those that resist or shot in the back of the head and thrown in a shallow grave or put on a train for a chemical shower. Frankie The Earthman. This post is clarified, as I wrote it when I was half asleep first time around.

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