THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF ACTION– Weaver referencing Charles Darwin, writes that “biological necessity, issuing in the survival of the fittest, was offered as the causa of causans [the primary cause of action] after the important question of human origin had been decided in favor of scientific materialism. After it has been granted that man is molded entirely by environmental pressures, one is obligated to extend the same theory of causality to his institutions. The social philosophers of the 19th century found in Darwin powerful support for their thesis that human beings act always out of economic incentives, and it was they who completed the abolishment of freedom of will. The great pageant of history thus became reducible to the economic endeavors of individuals and classes, and elaborate prognoses were constructed on the theory of economic conflict and resolution. Man created in the Divine image, the protagonists of a great drama in which his soul was at stake, was replaced by man the wealth-seeking and consuming animal. In other words, the complexity and nature of human existence are reduced to nothing more than a simplistic and effective economic theory and which the individual is little more than a one-dimensional creature, focused solely on material consumption.

“Finally came psychological behaviorism,” wrote Weaver, which denied not only freedom of the will but even such elementary means of direction as instinct.” What is happening now “is a reduction to absurdity of the line of reasoning which began when man bade a cheerful goodbye to the concept of transcendence [that is, spirit, faith, God] There is no term proper to describe the condition in which he is now left unless to be ‘abysmalality.’ He is in the deep and dark abysm, and he has nothing with which to raise himself … As problems crowd upon him he deepens confusion by meeting them with ad-hoc policies … I will continue with more about religion and education in another post. The heart of this post is taken from the brilliant writing of Mark R. Levin, in his landmark book … American Marxism, pts 57 & 58. Frankie The Earthman. This study is so important to understanding why we are in the mess we are in today, Frankie.

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