Christ’s pre-existence … HIS SPEAKING THE KNOWN UNIVERSE INTO EXISTENCE … His coming into his creation ... His being murdered by His own creation ( “this”, telling me that this world is one screwed-up place) … ( This fallen state is controversy, deception, murder, illusion, vanity, recklessness, death, destruction lawlessness, Godlessness, hell, (beating one’s face up against a stone wall, until the face is raw hamburger, well, that’s a little bit “too much fun for me”, I’ve had enough ) … The majority of the world not knowing that “His” deat sacrificial, briatonement to ma with FATHER, and available, pardon theand grant them eternal life . seems to me that I’ve been concerned with this matter, as I don’t get whatever, and I don’t think “but few others” really give a damn, so why should I? … “Waiting To Die”… Frankie The Earthman.

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