A miracle of sorts has happened, and continues to unfold. A breakthrough, a vehicle through an app called “Designrr” has enabled me to convert my blog to E- book and other.

But first, I have to go back to November, four years ago, in 2017. I became involved with social media rather heavily, in particular, Twitter. I found that I had a voice, as I was approaching 5000 followers in a relatively short time, and was gaining as many as a 100 followers a day, over a period of time. Twitter ( Jack Dorsey, and company) then started watching me very closely, a long story short, I ended up getting banned permanently, not once but *twice (*altered my name), because of my conservative voice.

Back to November, 2017. My brother, Brian Payton, helped me very much getting started on Twitter, as I really didn’t want to be bothered with the whole thing, but I was thinking of building a base for future books, that now become a reality. Brian and I ended up being conflicted, and it was mainly my fault. He rubbed me the wrong way about some things. ( Along about the same time, I had been in contact with my cousin, Joey Hammer. Joey and I also conflicted about certain things, which are too trivial to really mention now.) As I was beginning to write very heavily, and my writing style was changing, I had a lot of stress. It was during this time in November of 2017, I made a decision, that I must go into a form of “isolation” in order to accomplish what I wanted to do with my writing. It’s hard to sacrifice being with family and friends, “but I saw no way around it”, due to my temperament, and the way I’m cut as a man.

So, here we are some four years later, I now have more than doubled my writing output, and now stand at 1625 posts, with accompanying photography. These 1625 posts would “really mean” around 2000 pages of text and images. If a compendium is ever done, of my work, it will probably be 4 to 6 inches in thickness. My writing progressed from poetry/lyrical, into political satire, biblical studies, Social Commentary, *short stories, *both fictional and experienced, covering a span of 40 years, “on again off again writing.” As I mentioned, I have been “on fire writing” for a solid 4 years and still growing and going strong. However, I am mentally and somewhat physically exhausted. Mizuho and Ari’el, have stuck with me through this rough journey. In the last year, I finally “managed” my type 2 diabetes under control through medication. I am also on “meds” for high blood pressure, and OCD, ” it’s mild” ( Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder, thank God, the panic attacks have ceased.

Ari’el is taller than his mom by just a little bit. He is 13, going on 18. He is A National Junior Honor Society student (3.714 GPA) and will start high school next year.

Finally, I am fast approaching (what could be days) in the release of volume 1, of a potential 20 to 40 volumes, depending on how I break the work down. It will be titled: Frankie The Earthman, Vol 1 is Frankie Falls To Earth. I already have many titles in my mind for the first 7 to 10 volumes. I will send info for how to get Volume 1, which will be most likely — Apple e -books, with paper backs available in the not to distant future. Anyway I want to apologize to all, for my isolation and neglect of family and some friends. If some of you remain bitter, resentful or whatever, I would fully understand, ” It ain’t easy being me.” I’m also glad to say that Lauren and I have reconciled and are in contact. Ari’el and Mizuho miss everyone … Frankie The Earthman. Forgiveness and Reconciliation desired by me, with Karl Helitibridle, and wife also. “I had to do, what I had to do.” Perry, Terry, Rhonda, Rob, Brian, Joey, Bobby, Natalie, Taylor, Morgan, Lee, Jaime?, (Sp) Stephanie, Michael and all your families, (I’ve forgotten someone) it’s time for the black sheep ( me) to return to the fold, and the sooner the better, before Joe Biden destroys what little freedoms we have left. My cell is 540 – 749 – 9912.

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