Another good title might be, “THE Masterminds Behind The “PLANDEMIC.”

Summary: In America we no longer have a representative government of “We The People” What we do have is, “We the lied to, abused and misused masses.” We have to ask ourselves, in American history, when was the country ever nearly shut down totally, and destroyed over a virus? Isn’t it obvious “this virus was part of a master plan to slowly take away our inalienable rights, given to us by God through the Constitution and other declarations?” It’s an obvious fact that American Marxism is taking over in this country. The threat of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto is no longer a threat, it is a living growling nightmare, being thrust upon America. Couple this with the Muslim “Holy War radical Jihadists,” and we can’t but wonder, is there a way out without Godly intervention? There is also a legitimate philosophy and school of thought among intelligent people that are spiritually in the know; that all of this “destruction and falling away” is part of either a partial or full blown judgment, allowed by God. Frankie The Earthman. “We like sheep, are mumbling and stumbling , being led to a slaughter, Covid was/is only the birthpangs of the airborne TRIBULATION.” THE Four Horsemen of The Apocolypse.

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