IT WAS a close call with The Surprise inside my big bag of Cracker Jacks. I was nearing the bottom of my bag, and I hadn’t experienced the first peanut or the slightest hint of a prize. Then to my delight, I found the little “arcade prize”.

One other thing, I became very offended with the picture of the boy and the dog on the bag, and the words CRACKER JACK. I mean, isn’t that racist? Am I a CRACKER JACK? HOW many blacks would have their asses up on their backs if the bag is titled, Nigga Jack?, Black Lives Matter and everybody else would be all up in arms. But me, I’ve just learned not to make much of it, and take it in stride. BECAUSE apparently the “dominant white man’s opinion and feelings” don’t matter. WHAT A WORLD … Frankie “DA Earfman.

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