Can the masses figure out a way to not breathe whatsoever? The powers that be say you must get vaccinated, you must get booster shots, you must still wear a mask, you must practice breathing through “one nostril at a time” you must wear a body length condom. You must cut your hand or thumb off if you slip and get poo poo on either one. Friends, please understand the deeper meaning of this madness. This is a push to see if “they” can achieve total compliance. It is a litmus test and a forerunner to one day rounding up all of us “deplorable” and anybody that doesn’t want to kowtow to Joe Biden & company, putting all these on a train and taking us on a one way trip that leads to a poisonous shower; or a bullet in the back of your head, either way, then thrown in a mass grave. Frankie The Earthman, and I’m not joking in any way, shape, or form. We must understand that the same SATANIC spirit that was active in World War I, and overactive in World War II is present today. It is just manifesting in a new set of bad actors. GET IT?, GOT IT? GOOD! Satan is preparing for his last role in the big cosmic play as the Anti-Christ. If you’ve got a problem with the reality of this, you need to talk to God.

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