I was semi-conscious and found myself singing this chant.

Don’t be a supporter of Joe Biden he’s always sticking his head in the sand, don’t say Joe Biden is okay because he has an ice cream cone in both of his hands. Don’t ask foolish questions, like who’s a better President, Donald Trump or Barry Sotero, there’s a shadow hanging over O’bammer’s presidency, as the children were rented from somewhere, someone. Michelle’s real name is Michael Robinson they’re both “happy😛 joyful, and gay” as the day is long.

And what about the pantsuit wearing Kamala Harris? she looks more and more like a man, she has the face of Satan, I guess that makes her qualified to be in charge of the Southern Border in which she does absolutely nothing … Hillary Clinton can’t get over losing to Donald Trump in 2016 she was reading a piece of paper, as fake teardrops fell everywhere, the woman has always been a fraud, and I don’t think she wears underwear. Washington DC is a beautiful place physically, too bad it’s inhabited by demons and pedos. Washington gives away free money and only wants to ruin our lives, somebody’s always after us and on the shuck and Jive. The government wants to be our God and makes it difficult to want to be alive. Frankie The Dream Weaver.

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