I’m half asleep, but here goes, in God’s “Eternally now perspective.” I believe the following is true: God doesn’t operate, limited by time, space, or matter.

As God looks upon us after our death, I believe there are no scales of justice, in the sense of the corrupt justice of this world. So what might this mean to humans? Scales and the evaluation of good deeds versus bad deeds, has no place in God’s economy. I believe scripture teaches that it is this simple; When the spirit of a deceased person comes before God, He either sees the “blood of Christ” covering the person or not. I would remind all

of the Old Testament stories of the plagues sent upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians. THE DEATH ANGEL WAS SENT, IF the death angel observed blood on the doorpost of the dwelling, that family was spared, if not the first born was taken and killed. I believe the same applies when we all stand before God. God the Father sees a human soul as either in Christ or not, His blood covering and pardoning or not. THE SOUL TO HEAVEN OR NOT. Frankie The Earthman.

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