Let’s talk about Pluralism. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but by Me.” So, in our Post Modern culture ( No Absolute Truth exists or is believed in ), are Buddha and Muhammad viewed as being equal to Jesus as deities? Consider the “synchronistic” view by George Barna, the “buffet cafeteria worldview” yeah, they’re just saying take a little bit here a little dip there … these digital natives, born after 1996 with phones in their little infant hands. These are entrenched and very influenced by pluralism. They pick up their ideas from everywhere, the younger people tend to think that the Bible has a bias against transgenderism, gays, and the like. ( and what these are actually saying is that “they” are pissed off because Christianity is not “all-inclusive and they put a negative spin on it being exclusive.” [ refusing to rise to God, the creator’s standards, but insisting in their “little pink “Magoo fishing hats” that God transgresses to their pathetic feelings] “Thus, the saying, It’s all good.” No, It ain’t. “God’s word being God-breathed inerrant truth” is the critical challenge put forth … Basic Orthodox Christianity needs to be taught again in our Churches and schools. It has been replaced by secular humanism kicking God out of the schools in the 60s, loss of the “sacredness of life” in the 70s, due to the “ill endorsement” of then SCOTUS through Roe versus Wade. So how many people, what percentage surveyed are considered Christians today? Some say it’s as low as 6%. See, in today’s culture, it is said, “you have your view of truth, and each has their version of the truth.” The slack Christians generally in the pulpits today are “good on the love part ( not wanting to offend anyone ) but they’re not very good on the truth part.” The question is tolerance, what will God tolerate?, what does God’s word say about tolerance? To address the situation of “pluralism and tolerance, churches, for the most part, are not biblical.” and the current generation views Christianity as being very exclusive, and it is, THE CALLING GOES OUT TO ALL, BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN, OR RESPOND?. They readily accept Buddha and Muhammad as equal to Jesus, and as alternate paths to heaven. Yet, I don’t recall either of these wannabe gods dying on the cross, resurrecting, and providing us with historical (and Holy Spirit Guided ) books like the Bible, there’s nothing, anything close. Both of these are dead and in their graves, having overcome very little, let alone death. Frankie The Earthman. Posted on the shoulders of AFR, Alex Mcfarland, and Bert Harper.

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