NOW MIND YOU, on the particular night of this dream several years back and hundreds of posts ago; I did not go to bed thinking of my dad, (who had passed fairly recently), the dream probably sprang from my subconscious, as they do. So, the dream was very simple but touching and moving to me. As I reflected on the dream, it was impressed upon me how “it was so like my dad to appear this way in this dream.”

The dream found me in an “old phone booth” which I believe this type of booth started disappearing in the late 70s or early 80s, and oddly enough, my dad worked for AT&T. I also found myself nose-to-nose, chest to chest, hip to hip, eyeball to eyeball, with my dad in this uncomfortable booth and he begins talking. He said, “I just wanted to tell you, Frank, that everything is going to be okay.” And that’s it, the dream was over, but like I said it had a profound effect on me. As I thought about the dream more and more as time went by, I recall that my father was not a “known” Godly man, although it’s not for me to say what was actually in his heart. I understand that he probably had a deathbed confession of faith which would be wonderful.

Further, I have just partially recovered from a three-day bout with the worst flu I have ever had. It was not Covid. So I going to write some pretty important posts before Christmas so I’ll send them to who I can? Frankie The Earthan. Merry Christmas, from Mizuho, Ari’el, and Frank.

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