) What are you talking about this time Frankie? … well to start, “I want everything back that Satan has taken ‘from’ me in my lifetime … my grandparents, my parents, a seemingly countless number of dogs, friends, job opportunities. There are also some things that I want to be taken away ‘from’ me … like my being attacked in my sleep since 1981, often to the point of death, the only thing that brought me out was screaming the name of Jesus ( I learned to accept these attacks as part of my growing, and being prepared to fight in the spiritul world) … I’m tired of the misconceptions and misunderstandings and the trouble that seems to be everywhere, especially now in this near lawless world, I’m weary from the slow onset of my body failing and looming, haunting death, that’s what I’m afraid of, ‘spiritual, not physical’ death, but I just don’t want to leave certain things behind, maybe it’s not right to keep holding on, reliving yesterday’s … having circumstances in my life go sideways and being set up and betrayed and found guilty of somethings that I didn’t instigate; but was laid at my doorstep by someone’s agenda and someone’s career, upward, mobile trajectory, my being the victim of someone’s career ladder climbing agenda … Then again, I fully understand this is the way of this fallen world, “but it doesn’t mean I have to like It … I believe you will find my next post fascinating … Frankie, It’s a story of my recent almost dying …

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