I believe most people that have experienced this human existence, this life, generally would choose life over death. To many earthlings, nothing is sacred, be it life or anything else. What am I getting at?

Let me be clear, I view life as a gift, to be enjoyed as best we Earth creatures can enjoy it, God’s gift of “free will” ensures that we can live with or without Him. Free will can and probably be best understood in a deep study of Calvinism and Arminianism. The gist of these two philosophies on “freedom of the will” revolve around God “controlling and predetermining” (Calvinism ) the events of each persons life and men’s lives, or Free will mainly determining the events of each life. ( Arminianism) … This is a very deep subject and there are good people on both sides of this issue, for a deeper understanding, consider the book by the great Jonathan Edwards: FREEDOM OF THE WILL …

So that brings me back to the reason for writing this post in the first place. Do you or I believe that it is within God’s understanding and economy that a person may grow to have a ( although not wanting to die) ( especially in health reasons)… A NEED TO DIE?

Study and chew on this cud for a while, it is a very interesting subject, I am still recovering from my near death experience and hope to be writing regularly soon, Frankie The Earthman, God is not done with me yet…littleraventhepoet.blog … A note to friends and readers: I address subjects like this because I am in search of the deeper understanding of the human psyche and human nature, and why people believe and act as they do, which is critical in this crazy world we live in … Frankie

The world is a vampire… Billy Corgan, SMASHING PUMPKINS

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