Thoughts and insights into a video by “Closer To Truth”…

If death is the end for a human being and there is nothing else, life is just a tragedy … If the universe is destroyed in a fire storm, seems to me to be a tragedy.

In my opinion Human Beings are searching for “persistence or continuance” of their own identities, personalities, and lives.

If you look at it closely, you will find that the video from ‘closer to the truth’ is missing the main truth, it seems to speak of the soul as mortal only and not being able to become immortal … To these, I would say have faith in God’s Word and study 2nd Corinthians chapter 15 in its entirety … ( the corruptible must put on incorruptible ( THE BODY ) and the mortal must put on immortality ( the spirit ) ( immortality is achieved by having “accepted Gods plan and his son Jesus Christ during a lifetime” … Note Study Luke 16 … Notice the rich man also went to paradise and had consciousness, but he was on the wrong side of paradise awaiting judgment, Lazarus was in Abraham’s bosom … You can study about judgments, the Bema Judgment Seat of Christ for believers, and the Great White Throne judgment for unbelievers at the end of the millennium ...

… God’s speed in your studies … Consider this: I don’t know about you, but I want to keep the “one identity that God has given me” that will stay with me through eternity … A lot of people are unaware of Idols, things made of stone and wood and gold are inanimate and lifeless, however, they can be possessed by what are called evil spirits that give them their power… Please remember that the Bible is full of accounts of God being tested by many so called “Gods”, notice the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob always winning when challenged … Frankie The Earthman … I’m thinking of many friends, and blood kin, especially, Mizuho, Ari’el, Lauren and Alvin …

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