Remember Donald Trump addressing NATO and in particular Germany in 2018? … Remember Trump asking Germany to step up? well, maybe now, Putin putting his “Nuclear Forces” on high alert will wake some people up … including Germany.

Where have you gone Joe Biden? our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you, what will you do? … Joe, the time for “ice cream over indulgence” and butt-sniffing is over …

Question: When will Joe Biden realize it is time to open up the pipelines, Keystone and many others? … Joe, being a climate control nut job, while Putin has his finger on the nuclear button, just wont-work … Joe you better put your ‘man pants on’ … Maybe you can borrow a pair of pants from Kamala Harris … Dear Joe, Kamala, and the democratic agenda; the world is watching your sell out of America … What if the Chinese invade Taiwan? … Are you going to take a vacation somewhere? … You sorry excuse for a human being … God allows certain people in power, he allows them in and he can certainly take them out … God-bless and help the Ukrainians and America … I hope all you American Marxists who helped put Joe Biden in office, wake up and realize what you have voted for … That is if the election was legitimate at all, and I seriously doubt it … Under Biden, it will not be allowed, but the United States needs to drill, drill, drill for oil, we were the leader in energy prior to Joe Biden “burning the house down” … Frankie The Earthman …

Joe Zi Putin …

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