It is being reported among reliable sources that the leaders of the NWO; “have and have been planning further infiltration of the presidency, the Congress, and the Senate”.

Note: If anyone is not aware, Satan has been manifesting through *’ his minions’ towards making one of his final appearances; in one of his most vital roles … this vital role as ‘destroyer’ of God and His people ... his main targets will be Israel, the United States, and others, who do not want to follow the NWO and its agenda. …*His main minions of THIS AGE are Stalin, Hitler, Polepot, Putin, and many more I will not mention. I’m sure you know who they are, even in our American government … The question will be answered one day, will history include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the Clintons, and many others as ‘tools of the devil’ and enemies of freedom … I already have an answer, you are entitled to yours …

One of the main questions and concerns is about the ‘correct interpretation’ of THE U.S.A’s role IN BIBLICAL END TIME PROPHECY … it is a bit of a mystery, and there are many good godfearing people on many sides of this interpretation … Seems God has left some things as a mystery.

To wrap up and get back to my original statement … * There are ‘swarming dark powers’, spiritual wickedness in high places that are arranging this ‘Chess Game’ strategy. *Reference –Archangel types ( lower elohim) through *Reading

Psalm 82, where God, YHWH , ‘THE HIGHEST CREATOR ELOHIM IS CHASTIZING the lower elohim for their handling of the disinherited nations … God-created the lower elohim as his heavenly counsel.

Study all the nations except Israel that date back to the Tower of Babel when God disinherited all other nations but claimed Israel as “His inheritance”… this is key in understanding end times … Satan, his thugs, are manifesting through people ( NWO ELITES) that are waiting to fulfill the mystery of these end times … you will need to study this further on your own, Frankie The Earthman …

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