Have you ever asked why, have you ever cared to ask WHY?

Question like: Why do my memory files show me a snapshot, one special scene in my life? … remembering, I was between 3 and 5 years old on this day

I was standing on the side of my mother and father’s first house in Northern Virginia; it was a Sunny Spring day, and it’s like ‘all of a sudden’ I was aware that I was a human being. Not too long afterwards, awareness took me to the the fact that I was on a rock spinning through space, rotating and revolving … It all seemed so beautiful, and my anticipation was fantastic, safe, and secure.

My Elementary school years were a special memory to me, the friends I made while watching all of us grow up and go our separate ways.

I continued in this pattern through high school and two years at Liberty University ( this was later in the early nineties). I also became aware as I explored and adventured this life with just a handful of special friends, athough I was easy to engage … We were all “kind’ of different … We were asking Why questions.

Questions of mortality, immortality, questions of how long would each of us would live, questions like who of us would die first, and our inquiries followed the outskirts of ‘belief systems’ and philosophical themes.

As I developed in the workforce as an electro-mechanical inspector, working on ‘ship systems’

and in ‘electronic warfare’ labs’ in the Defense Industry as an inspector, I learned of the ‘good’ of man, and also saw the dark side of human nature, ie: Most things seemed politically motivated and agenda-driven, no matter “How wide the smile or white the teeth.” By the way, I grew up in Northern Virginia, about 8 to 10 miles from Washington DC, around what is known as the Beltway. I remember being called into a conference room in Reston, Virginia (Unisys) when the Iraq war began. I also lived in St. Petersburg, Fl, for eight years.

A lot of people I worked with and the people behind these motivations and agendas, I soon found them to be very offensive and wreckless in their approach to dealing with everything that ‘comes at you in this life.’ There were some good apples mixed in.

Modern day, current questions:

Why did we kick God out of the public schools in the 1960s? Ushering in the underpendings of American Marxism?

Why did we stand behind a seemingly badly decided case in the 1970s resulting in the death of over 60 million babies In the case of Roe vs Wade?

Why is our Government, our elected officials, pushing for a one party system that was not designed by our founding fathers and the evident hand of God?

Why do most of our elected officials speak out of one side of their mouths in front of cameras, then when behind closed doors, the Fangs of Elitism and Communism bite most everyone? Most of the leaders being so self absorbed they have no awareness of spiritual things at all, because they want the government to be God.

And lastly for now, Why is there little or no mention of biblical prophecy in the news? I will tell you why because it doesn’t help ratings or careers … All for now… Frankie The Earthman. Visit my website under my author’s name flyraventhepoet, on WordPress.

around why people believe what they believe

Walk time is my peace …

The main answer to most of these questions, in my opinion, is because it is all infallibly prophesied, the writing has been on the wall for thousands of years. Very few care. ‘My Life long studies’ have revolved around “why people believe what they believe” in this life, God is evident, but hardly fully knowable, though He has revealed Himself in His Word and the Stars, in nature, and the born from above renewal experience that comes in finding Him.

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