As I lay down to sleep in the early morning of writing the preceding post, ASKING WHY, I realized I needed to express some final thoughts.

So being a child a teenager a young adult and then into full adulthood, it fell upon me that I was living on what I sometimes call a ‘death planet’.

Let me explain. Through biblical and other studies, I realized that America’s heyday was ‘post World War II’ up to the early sixties. I would use as a landmark to our governments decline as the daytime assassination of John F. Kennedy, followed by the assassination of John’s brother Robert Kennedy, and the assassination of Martin Luther King.

I learned that people would kill each other on our streets, for ‘Fancy expensive Michael Jordan or other famous person’s designer sneakers.’ Now we kill with our modern militaries for oil and land, etc.

As I got older and older I realized I was going to lose everything that I loved eventually. ie: loved ones, including dogs, cats, birds, etc. And my loved ones would eventually lose me. But this is the “Way of the Earth” and we learn to accept it, especially if we have a belief in the afterlife. To me, if there was no afterlife in the spirit this life is next to worthless.

So, what began as a little boy full of hope standing in the sunshine of a nice Sunny day, ends up realizing that this flesh blood, and bone life, is very tough. Whether you agree or not, I would say that humanity is inclined to do evil. Just look around you at the ‘spirit of lawlessness’ as we rush headlong into the coming ‘tribulation’. Where this age will end, and a wonderful new age, less evil will begin for 1000 years. Though it doesn’t seem like it at times, God is on His throne and will intervene in His time … Frankie The Earthman. “I USED TO BE A LITTLE BOY.” — QUOTE BY BILLY CORGAN, SMASHING PUMPKINS

Shou … I love you eternally…

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