AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is cancer. Biden is a wart on a beast. The NWO has our government bought and paid for. It’s all prophecied. The snowball is heading down the slope gaining speed and size. Destruction, killing, and lawlessness are upon us. Nothing and no one is sacred, life is not held as sacred. Think about it … we are sending a message to our kids that it’s OK to kill babies in the womb, so what makes it so hard for them to kill in the streets? Our world and its people are upside down and inside out, and we caused it ourselves. We haven’t learned from the empires of the past because human nature does not change, and it certainly does not keep up with technology. Diplomacy without the military power to back it is useless. It’s just everybody running off at the mouth and talking at the same time. Vladimir Putin is a forerunner to the coming Anti-Christ, Daniel’s prophesied 70th week is upon us. Joe Biden is as much a devil as Vladimir Putin. Have we Americans ever asked ourselves why everything Joe Biden does is anti-American? I believe it’s because he’s a planted puppet of the NWO waiting in the wings. Our elected officials believe that our government is God. They will cancel you if you do not go along with them. I’m sorry to say the worst is yet to come … Frankie The Earthman. Visit flyraventhepoet on WordPress. or littleraventhepoet.blog … For those that believe “Look up for your redemption is near.”

My old friend, Buddy.

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