You are asking yourself why is 19 years important. It is important because of God’s past dealings with the nation of Israel … In particular the Southern kingdom.

Look at the initial Babylonian invasion of the Southern kingdom of Israel in 605 BC. It was nineteen years, which would bring us to 586 BC. In 586 the Babylonians took the land, the city, and the temple. DO YOU FOLLOW?

I would imagine in God’s economy, what is good enough for his people and Israel is good enough for her brother, America. So we go back to 9/11/2001 … We look upon the last election in 2020. And the beginning of the Corona Virus ( This is 19 years and the beginning of the ‘shaking and the judgments of God) because we haven’t returned to him since the initial warning of 9/11. If we do not individually and nationally seek God in genuine repentance, we have to ask ourselves what is the next shaking? … Frankie

Ref: Harbinger 2 — Jonathan Cahn, pgs- 210, 211. Frankie The Earthman.

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