President Lincoln knew about this law. It’s what Lincoln said, the blood drawn by slavery would be answered by the blood drawn in war.” “THERE IS AN ANCIENT LAW, “It is an ancient law that evil must be answered in kind and the taking of human life by the taking of human lfe.”

“SO, what is the sin that this world and generation are guilty of ? A sin involving the shedding of blood and the taking of human life?” “It is the killing of unborn children, the taking of human life, the slaughter of the most innocent, abortion.” ( Compare the prophet Jeremiah and his prophecy concerning The Valley of Hinnom) The killing of babies is a most gruesome sin, whether in ancient times or modern.

Can a pandemic be a judgment? God’s judgment can come in the form of pestitilences and plagues. Sometimes God brings judgment on all of civilization. Individuals are not necessarily being judged. Behind a plague is a multitude of causes.THIS does not mean that there are not transcendental causes also. The bottom line is that plagues can be used for the purpose of redemption. TO BE CONTINUED … Frankie The Earthman. REFERENCE Jonathan Cahn, pgs 214- 215 in THE BOOK Harbinger 2, some additions and paraphrasing by Frankie. ( Note: my presenting J. CAHN’S material is an effort to promote him and his scholarly work. His work is too important to miss. If we as God’s people do not know how God dealt with nations of the psst, how can we understand how he will deal with humanity in these end times? Frankie …

Jonathan Cahn

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