Snuff me out Lord and remember me no more, even as though I never existed.

Erase my footprints from the sands of time …

You gave me the gift of life and I trampled it, a path littered with the trash of my going through

I have not done well or been an adequate servant in this life … I have always managed to walk well in the flesh and not so well in the spirit …

Unlike a lot of real spirit filled men of the Bible, I was never able to slow down and wait on you to provide the spirit filled woman I desired. I ALWAYS ran ahead of you, choosing in the flesh. My failed relationships were a product of my flesh.

My life has been overwhelmed with controversy, mostly caused by my eccentric character. Confusion, bad luck, bad decisions, spiritual attacks by Satan and his cohorts; manifesting in alot of the flesh, blood, and bone humans that came into my life.

Soooo, It seems I’ve been living a lie, the lie being that I’ve convinced myself, I will leave this mortal hell and skip into heaven … I have only one shot at a peaceful eternity, and that is being found saved and hidden in the palm of the Son’s hand . Frankie The Earthman …

Snuff me out, I’m hideous

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