Truth can be very hard to find, especially in this wicked day and age. I would like to provide an example. I was watching an old Paul Newman movie, the scene involved a preacher that gave Newman ( the character he played, that is) a Bible.

Paul Newman could not read, so the preacher read a scripture in Genesis, when God told Adam-and-Eve that if they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would die.

Newman spoke up and said “You see right there, Adam didn’t die, in fact he lived to be 800 years old or so.” The preacher gave no reply. ( In my opinion the trouble with this inaccurte and quick misinterpretation is that it gives Satan a stronghold in many lives.)

The point and truth being that Adam and Eve lived on physically, ( though cursed ) HOWEVER THEY DIED SPIRITUALLY. THIS MEANT THEY WERE NO LONGER IN RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD. THE FURTHER TRUTH BEING THAT every person born from Adam-and-Eve’s seed would be under the curse and would die physically and spiritually. What did God say? My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Wake up and look up our redemption is near. Seek the Father’s Son, Yeshua. Frankie The Earthman.

We have a physical and spiritual heart.

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