Lord, what did you have in mind, what was/is Your vision of ME? Your Word says that You see me in my glorified state ( meaning, after my physical death and the gift that I’m ‘born from above’), resulting in a future glorified reurrected body that will live forever.

Because Jesus gave us the ultimate victory, a victory over our greatest ( unplanned) enemy, DEATH.

Further, Thank you for loving me ‘warts n’ all’ … Your long-suffering, patience, mercy, and unconditional love ( in the sense of loving us, though definitely not liking a lot of things we DO) is hard to fathom sometimes; us being in this condition based world.

I often wonder why you placed me in this era of time (end time). Maybe, on the other side, I will understand better. My personal belief through years of experience and study of Your Word is that you are building an eternal family, you love your creation and all in it … Thank you, that I have not missed this beautiful fact, you are simply creating a family to be with you through eternity, I could think of nothing more wonderful. Frankie The Earthman ... As you know Lord, people and things on earth are pretty horrible right now, please don’t tarry much longer.

The human condition, what a mystery!

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