Important message on understanding judgments from God.

As in ancient Israel, destruction and calamity touched not only the unrighteous but the righteous. It even extended to the surrounding nations, touching the prophets. Perfect judgment does not belong to this world but the next. And thus the striking down or sparing of any individual amid such calamities did not, in and of itself, signify that the victim was, in any way, more or less guilty than anyone else.

The calamity was not centered on the individual. It was the judgment of civilization, so too when Lincoln spoke of the Civil War as a judgment from God; he was not suggesting that any individual struck down in that war was being judged, but rather that civilization was being judged for the sin of slavery. This sheds some light on America and the alarming disrespect for life concerning unborn babies and abortion … piece this together, it is crystal clear, God does not wink at such national or individual sin.

So … let’s look at Russia attacking Ukraine. It’s hard to understand why God in his ‘perfect will’ would allow all of these innocent civilians including children to be slaughtered. It is certainly not God’s will for this to happen, but in his ‘perfect will,’ it is. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. Putin will pay for his war crimes either in this world and/or the next. The judgment of a nation is a mysterious thing. It sounds cliche, but in the end, we must trust that God works together in All things.

So I would simply add to look at America and the world’s current judgment involving Covid 19, and plagues in general. Also, look at the 9/11 attack on America. Also a pandemic can be a judgment. Remember, we are fast approaching the end of this ‘age’.

Reference Jonathan Cahn’s book Harbinger 2 — pg.214. Comments by Frankie The Earthman.


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