Well, well, well … Joe Biden is talking about the NWO. NEWS FLASH: THE NWO IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, IT IS REAL AND has shown its dark power through the Covid debacle, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, the war with the Chinese, on and on we go. I am shocked, surprised, and bewildered that the Main Street Media and the average person on the street has no or little awareness about “end time events” ( eschatology)

Joe Biden wants to lead the NWO… That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard in awhile, he couldn’t lead a turd to the toilet. If anyone in America really thinks that Joe Biden is running anything, you’d better go have your head checked because he’s not running anything, it’s all being done for him, he is just a sick, perverted pedophile, and sorry assed frontman. Think about it … he did’not campaign, he sat on his narrow ass, because him and ‘Kabala’ knew they had the election in the bag.

Further, my personal opinion through study, through discernment, contemplation, and serious logic, is that John F. Kennedy ( And Robert Kennedy for that matter) were assassinated because: Even back in the sixties John and Robert were aware that the New World Order was already at work in the United States government. ( There are archived speeches where John speaks fairly elaborately about this matter and his concern) This friend is why both, ( especially John) were murdered, one of the main reasons anyway. It is also my opinion that this culture we live in now, with everything that has happened and is happening, we would be completely insane as citizens to trust the government as it stands right now. Also, the Supreme Court train has gone off the tracks, Congress is all but worthless, ( in reality an enemy of America) the Senate is a bunch of yo yo’s.

“We the people”, the human race have a bad habit in this modern age of thinking that everything will go on as it always has … well I’m here to tell you as a “watchman”, it will not.

The NWO, the cashless society, tyrannical governments, the all but total destruction of Israel in the coming battle of Armageddon, the RAPTURE, THE APPEARANCE OF ANTICHRIST TO eventually “head” up this one-world government and new world order is imminent. The intervention of God through his son Jesus in these final days of this age is the only thing that will stop the destruction … You see friends, the battle of good and evil goes back to the garden of Eden, and it runs through the book of Revelation, if you don’t know this I truly feel sorry for you … Not that I’m any better than anyone, but I have chosen to dedicate most of my life to the study of this and other closely related matters. God help us all. Generally speaking, a lot of people need to stop writing off big issues of these times as “conspiracy theories” ( yes there are some) just because ‘they’ don’t understand what is going on with the dark agendas that are swirling around all of us. Lastly, do not trust the government, because the government wants to be your God and control you. There is an unseen realm.

Get right …the clock is ticking, and like a thief in the night … God arrives

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