As I have just begun reading the story of Hunter Biden in the book The Laptop From Hell, I have some thoughts to parcel.

In my Flesh, I am quick to judge him, ( Hunter), his drug use, pornography, his using the power and influence to “rake in” ill-gotten millions afforded by his father’s position and power, Joe Biden. In my natural mind, I want to say this guy is despicable and would ask him to his face what the hell is wrong with you?

In my compassionate, sympathetic empathetic Christianity and God-given discernment, the spirit of God seems to whisper in my ear; “Hunter Biden, in a lot of ways represents a big problem in America today and the world for that matter.” There is nothing new under the sun, Hunter, along with millions of others is merely searching for “that satisfaction and happiness that come only from the hand of God,YHWH, ELOHIM”, and of a personal relationship with His son. Everybody wants to be loved and accepted unconditionally. So in my spirit, instead of asking Hunter “what is wrong with you?”… I am compelled to ask him “what happened to you?” asking in this manner is much more in line with love.

Note of extreme importance: How can I condemn others when God doesn’t condemn me (if I repent.) God can condemn them if they never repent, but I am in no position to judge. And this position of mine certainly doesn’t mean that I approve of his actions.

Question: All of this Fentanyl and other drugs that pour into our country; where does it all go? … is it distributed to all of America’s Big cities, and then filtered down to the smallest of towns. The demand must be great. Is Americs one big nest of drug using “walking dead?”

Question: Why does America seem to be attacked in almost every way possible? … millions want to come here, yet she is so hated by many.

Adding: I am reminded of the car accident in 1972 between Joe Biden’s 1st wife go by and spur’s wife that involved Hunter and Beau. Joe’s 1st wife was killed and the boys were badly injured and a very young age I would imagine that neither of them fully recovered from this that is why I say to ask Hunter, “What happened to you?”… Remember “upon us all a little rain must fall.” From Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song …

More coming, as I continue to read this book. Frankie The Earthman.

” You never know what’s coming for you.”

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