Lord, this life can be so painful a lot of times. You have given us so many people that we can love, animals that we can love. Yet we love them knowing, we will eventually lose them all, or they will lose us.

So, I’m wondering this morning as I start another day in the 67th year of my troubled but beautiful life; wondering about the age-old questions, that have haunted men and women through the history of time even up until now. Why are we mortal? Why am I, why are we here, living out this short span of life on earth, this flesh, blood, and bone pilgrimage? For as Jim Morrison wonderfully said, “no one here gets out alive, five to one, one to five.”

How could we as babies and young children have realized what we had been born into? … this horrible, bloody spiritual battle between good and evil, God and the devil? … unless we were born into a family or friends that would introduce us to the things of God, and the deeper meaning of existence, we were pretty much on our own … We had no idea of the trouble that was headed our way. We had no idea that people are inclined to do evil. We had no baseline to operate from other than the “natural.” This limited us in our scope of understanding; “just what God has done in making our body, soul, and spirit”… and of an eternal nature, because we are made in His image. What’s important is to realize that we are made in ‘His image’, and He is an eternal spirit. Therefore we will live on eternally whether aware of it or not. I think the gist of what God wants to do, is to make a family from those that appreciate life and love him. All that love God, will resurrect to the coming NEW AGE, CALLED THE MILLENIUM, the “third earth age” that the disciple Peter taught on. Look at 2nd Peter.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we have to realize that this age is coming to an end and it’s not going to be pretty. Take a look at how viciously Russia is attacking Ukraine. Putin is a vicious wolf, another forerunner to the Antichrist. All for now, Frankie The Earthman. Special awareness and blessings to Mizuho, her loved ones in Yokohama, JapanAri’el, Lauren, and her family, her mother Maris, also Samantha, Mike, and Alvin.

Understand that God is not the author of death. Satan is, He is our enemy, This world system is our enemy. I believe this age is coming to an end rather soon, and that’s a good time to study about END TIME PROPHECIES IN THE BIBLE if you haven’t already done and continue to do so.

Examine your heart.

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