The stars are created just like humans, the stars are celestial, human kind is terrestrial. In my experience, human kind cannot venture very far from the mother Earth. It’s fantastic and productive for man to look to the stars, it is even more productive in my opinion to look inside to the human heart. We are not made of Stardust. Scripture says that we were nothing but dirt, until God blew the breath of life into us; when the breath of life leaves us we are dead.

With the promise of resurrection bodies by God in the *millennium (* the 1000 yr reign of Christ and beyond from the Holy City, Jerusalem ), perhaps then, we will be able to explore the universe at the speed of light.

In my 40 years of writing, I am shocked at the statistics that say true Christians may be as low as 6% of the population …This low percentage is supported by scripture that says “many are called but few answer. Mind you, this is not this simple blogger talking, it is the word of God. “Straight is the gate and narrow the way and few there be that enter.”

We need to get over our selfishness and examine our hearts, open up our minds, to the fact that God is more wonderful and marvelous than we could ever imagine, even though we live in this time of trouble and are quick to ask ” where is God, why doesn’t he do something?), it is all prophesied, do your homework if you want to understand. Frankie The Earthman.

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