Reference Pg. 46 from Mark Levin’s American Marxism

Herbert Croly, ( 1869 – 1930) wrote: ” It is the economic individualism of our existing national system which inflicts the most serious damage on American individuality, and American individual achievement in politics and science and the arts will remain partially impoverished as long as our fellow countrymen neglect or refuse systematically to regulate the distribution of wealth in the national interest … Americans have always associated individual freedom with the unlimited popular enjoyment of all available economic opportunities. Yet, it would be far more true to say that the popular enjoyment of practically unrestricted economic opportunities is precisely the condition that makes for individual bondage” …

Comments on this Marxist / Communist hogwash are rightly elaborated on and exposed by Mark Levin. Notice how charming and seemingly right the language of Mr. Croly is … Some of the modern-day supporters of this nonsense are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. Please understand that the above mentioned have been and are only the front men/ women for the “deep state, one world devils” that are running the show from the White House, as evidenced by Joe Biden and his administration. The goal of the progressives is to deconstruct America and everything that is American. All is done to usher in “The One prophesied to come”, that is the Anti-Christ. I must note that the powers that be, do not want America and Israel to enjoy their independence. In fact America and Israel are two of the last bastions of freedom, along with parts of Europe.

Friends, please do not fall for sayings like like “the good of the community”, and “Economic freedom is bondage.” Everything being done currently by the Biden administration is for rulership by the 1% of the leader/ elitists that rise to the top. This 1% view the rest of us as no better than sheep and cattle for the slaughter.

One needs to take a close look at the criminal invasion perpetrated by Putin against Ukraine. A better example of what needs to be, yet I’m afraid it will not on a massive scale, is the new government in Hungary … All, for now, Frankie The Earthman.

A marker on the Appalachian Trail, Virginia, near Skyline Drive … The photo looks like it’s black-and-white but it is actually a color picture … Spring has not sprung.

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