JUST WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? … In my humble opinion, the current administration is being allowed by God to bring about His judgment, which began on 9/11.

Think about the irony, JFK had his head blown off in broad daylight in Dallas Texas. Yes, he did a lot of morally questionable things in his personal life, but he was watching out for this country. We cannot say the same about about Joe Biden and company. ( If anyone does a little research, they will find out, ‘one’ of the reasons that JFK was murdered, was because of his awareness of the infiltration of Communism and the coming full blown reality of what we are currently experiencing as the Deep State.)

Also, the slick charming devil that is Barack Obama and his man wife, were the ‘first to dupe this country, not once, but twice into electing him”, allowing this devil to smile as he stirred up the cauldron, and loosed the “spirit of lawlessness” on this country.

This country is currently being run by pedophiles, gang-style thugs, like ( N. Pelosi, C. ‘Schimmer’, Butt sniffing Joe, his crackhead, whore chasing, China — Russia, Iran dealing/ loving, porn movie making, all these sell out asses. Not to mention ” The female Joker”, they know nothing, do nothing, but lap up the benefits of her position as Vice President, ‘Kawoomba half-wit Harris.’

Our government has weaponized all three branches. They have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, our educational system, on and on. Just listen to the younger people that have come through this warped educational system, they don’t have a clue about history, about social science, etc. They have no idea that freedom is not free, and that it is paid for with blood. They want freedom, But have no idea that it might cost him their blood.

I really think these politicians and others that rise to power, think that they are special and are entitled to do whatever they want to do, especially with the taxpayer’s dollars. The theme is surely grab all you can, get rich and get out with your head on your shoulders if you can.

Where have you gone Donald Trump? our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Creepy, sniffing, bumbling, fondling, slurring, ass wipe Joe… What is really troubling is that some 50% of this country thinks he’s OK … What does that say about them?

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