Reflecting back on Jonathan Cahn’s Mystery of the Nine Harbingers. Reference Cahn’s book THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH: PGS 12- 19.

The clarion call of this writer, Frank Payton, alias, Frankie The Earthman, in these troubling end times, is to reach masses of people and heighten awareness of three of the most important authors that I’ve come across, concerning the declining American way of Constitutional government; and my firm belief that America is in a warning /judgment period, that began to manifest in the attacks of 9/11. Also to mention the rise of the DEEP STATE.

These authors and some of their books are as follows: Jonathan Cahn, ( Harbinger books #1 and 2, and other titles) Mike Lofgren’s books: The Party’s Over, and The Deep State, and last, but hardly least: Mark Levin’s, AMERICAN MARXISM … ( Who in my opinion in his writing of “American Marxism” has delivered one of the best efforts of literature I have ever read.)

Jonathan Cahn writes about the Harbingers: THE HARBINGER #1 is the revealing of an ancient mystery that holds the secret of what happened to ( Ancient Israel ) and is happening to America and the world in these modern times — a mystery that lies behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of Wall Street and the global economy — a mystery spanning thousands of years in which an ancient text ordains the words uttered by world leaders, who have no idea what they are saying — so precise that times and dates given more than three thousand years ago, set the time and dates on which some of the most monumental events of recent times take place. The mysteries contained within the Harbinger touch the financial realm, the economic realm, the political realm, the cultural realm, and the lives, courses, and futures of everyone now reading these words.

THE NINE HARBINGERS OF JUDGMENT: Abbreviated, paraphrased and summarized providing convenience for me the writer, and you the reader.

What are the nine harbingers of judgment that appeared in ancient Israel years before the destruction of that kingdom? We can’t begin to explain the mysteries contained in the Harbinger, but we will briefly touch upon them.

The First Harbinger: The Breach — Years before the judgment of a nation there comes a warning, and national shaking. The warning manifests in the form of an attack. The nation’s hedge of protection, its national security, is breached. The attack is temporary and contained, but it will constitute the nation’s wake up call the “opening bell” of judgment concerning the nation’s future.

Ancient Appearance: In 732 BC, when the nation’s hedge of protection was breached through an enemy attack. The attack was temporary and contained, a wake up call for a people who had grown so deafened to God’s voice that nothing else would get through.

The Reappearance: It manifested in America on September 11th, 2001 as the nation’s hedge of protection was breached through an enemy attack. In the wake of 9 / 11, America would begin reenacting the actions of ancient Israel ‘in its last days as a nation.’ The same objects, actions, events, and words would manifest, one after the other, just as they did on the day before Israel’s judgment.

The Second Harbinger: The Terrorist. The opening strike of judgment, the breach of the nation’s hedge of protection, is not only a military action but also an act of terrorism. It is masterminded and carried out by those who employ terror as a means to accomplish their ends.

Ancient Appearance: This harbinger manifested in ancient Israel as those who masterminded the attack were the Assyrians — the world’s first terrorist and the fathers of all terrorists, employing terror as a strategic means to accomplish a political goal.

The Reappearance: It manifested on American soil as the attack was masterminded by the modern counterparts of the ancient Assyrians, their spiritual children, who even carried out the attack using the sister language to that spoken by those who attacked ancient Israel. September 11th would even cause American soldiers to fight on the soil of ancient Assyria.

The Vow of Defiance: In 732 BC the people of Israel made a vow. The vow is recorded in Isaiah: “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone; The sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.” The vow was an act of defiance. The nation was saying “You will not humble us.” We will not repent. We will not turn back. Rather, we will continue to depart from Your ways. We will rebuild. We will replant. And by our power and resources, we will come back stronger than before — against You.”

In place of repentance was pride, and in place of humility, arrogance. And the vow would become the key to the nine harbingers. It would set the course for national destruction.

The Third Harbinger: Sign of Fallen Bricks: The first act of warning and judgment is marked by the image of falling, collapsing buildings. This and the ruin heaps that will stand in their place become the most tangible sign and the most concrete image of the calamity. Ancient Appearance: The most tangible signs of what took place in 732 BC were the ruin heaps of the buildings that the Assyrians had destroyed. The Reappearance: The most tangible sign of 9/11 was that of the falling towers and the ruin heaps that stood in their place.

The Fourth Harbinger: The Tower ” But we will rebuild.” Sign Of The Tower: The nation under judgment returns to the ground of destruction and vows to rebuild the fallen buildings, but now bigger, taller, and stronger than before. The reconstruction becomes a symbol of the nation’s attempt at a defiant resurgence. According to the most ancient translation of scripture, it will take the form of a rising tower. Ancient Appearance: In the wake of the Assyrian attack the people of Israel vowed to rebuild the fallen buildings and build them bigger, better, and stronger than before. Rising would be walls, dwellings, and towers. The Reappearance: After 9/11 America embarked on a campaign to rebuild the ruins. From the ground of destruction, a tower began to rise. The resulting edifice would be the greatest object of defiance ever erected on American soil. ( At this point I would like to clarify something very important.) Some might say that America was not shaking its fist in defiance at God, YHWH, Elohim, Jehovah. America was shaking its first AT OUR ENEMIES, AND ONLY OUR ENEMIES. Please make sure reader, that you do not fall into this trap; as we have looked briefly at history here, and a further in-depth study of ancient history will show that God ‘in the ancient world’ used Israel’s enemies to bring judgment against her.

The Fifth Harbinger: The Gazit Stone — “we will rebuild with hewn stone.” Sign of The Gazit Stone: After the attack, the people carve out a massive rectangular block of stone from the mountain rock. They then bring it to the site of destruction, where the bricks had fallen, and there set it down in place. The stone will be the first embodiment of the vow of defiance. Ancient Appearance: The people of Israel vowed they would not rebuild with clay bricks that had fallen but with “hewn” stone, the Hebrew “Gazit”, indicating a massive rectangular block of stone chiseled out of mountain rock, building stronger than before.The Reappearance: On July 4th, 2004 the fifth harbinger reappeared on American soil. It was a gazit stone, chiseled out of the mountains of New York brought back to New York City and lowered onto the floor of ground zero. A ceremony took place around it, during which American leaders pronounced vows of national defiance.

The Sixth Harbinger: The Sycamore — ” The sycamores have been cut down.” Sign of the Sycamore: The attack not only causes the fall of buildings but also the striking down of trees –one particular kind of tree — the sycamore, a sign of national judgment. TheAncient Appearance: It manifested in ancient Israel as the sycamores were struck down in the midst of the attack. The Reappearance: On September 11th the sixth harbinger manifested on American soil as the falling tower struck down a tree — a sycamore, the ancient sign of national judgment — at the corner of ground zero.

The Seventh Harbinger — ” But we will plant cedars in their place.” Sign of the Erez Tree: In the wake of the calamity the people resolved to plant another tree in the same exact soil in which the sycamore had been struck down. The second tree is not a sycamore but a stronger one. The English cedar stands for the Hebrew erez tree — a conifer, an Evergreen, a pinacea tree — a tree to symbolize their self-confident hope in their resurgence. Ancient Appearance: The people of Israel planted erez trees in the place of the fallen sycamore, another sign of their defiance and their resolve to come back stronger than before. The Reappearance: Two years after the calamity the seventh harbinger manifested in America. It appeared at the corner of ground zero in the form of a tree. The tree replaced the fallen sycamore. It stood in the very same soil. It was not a sycamore. It was a Hebrew erez tree, just as in ancient Israel. People gathered around it in a ceremony and gave it a name: the Tree of hope.

The Eighth Harbinger: The Utterance — Sign of the Utterance: A national leader utters the vow of Isaiah 9:10. The vow is spoken as a public declaration, the sign of a nation in defiance of God. By uttering the vow, the leader pronounces judgment on the land. Ancient Appearance: The vow was uttered by one or more of Israel’s leaders, as only a leader can speak for a nation and determine its course. The vow intended as a rallying cry, instead pronounced judgment and set the stage for destruction. The Reappearance: On the third anniversary of 9/11, a famous American leader spoke before a congressional caucus, and out of his mouth proceeded the ancient vow of defiance. He Unwittingly pronounced judgment on America. He even built his entire speech around the ancient vow of destruction.

The Ninth Harbinger: The Prophecy. Sign of the Prophecy — A National leader utters the vow soon after the calamity, speaking prophetically, proclaiming that which would take place, becoming part of the national record, and setting the nation’s course to judgment. Ancient Appearance: Soon after the attack of 732 BC, a leader uttered the vow, speaking of what would take place before it did, being recorded by the prophet Isaiah, and setting the course of the nation to judgment. The Reappearance: On September 12th 2001, the day after the calamity, the American Congress gathered on Capitol hill to issue the nation’s response. The man appointed to speak for the nation was the senate majority leader. There before the United States and the House of Representatives, the nation, and the world, he proclaimed the ancient vow of defiance, setting the nation’s course of judgment. He had no idea what he was saying but he identified America as a nation in defiance of God and under judgment. His words would come true. He spoke of the harbingers, the tree that was struck down, the stone that would go up, and the replacing of the one tree with

the other. He set the course of defiance and set the stage for the second shaking of a nation. Soon, I will address the second shaking. Frankie The Earthman.

Hint, think about Covid 19. Think about Gods perfect will concerning the presidency of Joe Biden.

The shadow of Creepy Joe

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