The nine harbingers studied in my last post are not the end of the story but the beginning. The mystery continues.

Ref : Jonathan Cahn’s ‘revelation’ book: THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH.

Jonathan Cahn’s two Harbinger books reveal the biblical progression of national judgment. If a nation does not heed the warning of the first shaking, there comes a second.

Comments by Frankie: Note of extreme importance: God’s first shaking of America occurred on 9/11/ 01. We are now over 20 years from the first ‘shaking’, and there has been no returning back to God (except individually), little repentance, or national revival.

I must note also note that the time between God giving warnings in ancient times, and following through with judgment was typically 20 years. God always gave adequate time for people to see the error of their ways and return to him. History shows that the human “fallen state” shows human beings tending to do evil rather than good; so once backslidden, either personally or collectively we find it to be “a long way back to God.”

The gist of what I’m saying is that I believe we are on borrowed time and the biblical clock is ready to reveal, we are drawing very close to the Rapture Of the Church, as the world is thrown into the Tribulation period; revealing “The Son of Perdition”, the Antichrist, who is to to “head up” the one-world globalist system, now quickly falling into place. God’s timetable reveals that God will intervene at some point in the tribulation, evil will be defeated, and a new age will begin “The Thousand-Year Reign of Christ, from “the New Holy City” to come to Jerusalem. Study the beauty of a 1500 mile cube extending from Jerusalem into outer space. All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Humans should learn from dogs … Pictured is our Princess Aja, she has a heart of gold.

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