Dear Lord, thank you for the celebration of You, this Easter Sunday. Please open our hearts and minds to the revelation that You pre-existed before becoming a baby. That you, in Your ‘unimaginable power’ ( unfathomable from our limited understanding ) spoke this world into existence. Help us to understand on a higher deeper level that You have provided Your creation with a way to overcome and claim a victory over the curse of death. Read this account in the book of Genesis.

We, as a race, a culture, and society need to learn and understand some very basic founding/creation concepts that began in the Garden of Eden. We need to understand that Satan was the most beautiful of God’s created beings. God says he was made after the “perfect pattern” and at one time was a guardian of God’s throne. Unfortunately, Satan was not happy with his high position, and pride and rebellion were found in him. He led a rebellion in heaven, drawing one-third of the angels to fight against God and ‘those’ that sided with Him, Reference Revelation 12. This one-third of angels were rebels, and we’re kicked out of heaven. They were and remain “fallen Angels.” Note: God says in His Word that a “big deception” will fall upon the masses in these END TIMES. I must ask this question: Have we as a race considered what the true identity of these ‘unidentified flying objects’ and aliens might be? … Or are we being deceived into believing lies about “their” origins? ( These deceptions lead to and suggest that humans came from ancient beings, and were put on earth as some kind of experiment. These beliefs challenge the existence of ” THE ONE TRIE GOD, adding to the confusion and speculation that there is no “Supreme God”, or that God is dead.

So, on this Easter, I would like to say that we human beings in our fragile flesh, blood, bone, and brain configuration of life are caught in the middle of an ancient struggle that continues these days. God and Satan are in a chess game for the souls of human beings. Us humans have a shot at eternal life with God or eternal separation from Him. I honestly can’t think of any other reason for us to be on this earth. Though there are a lot of beautiful things about life, it seems to be ruined by all of the corruption, greed, disease, wars, death, and horrible atrocities that men commit against each other.

To me, we humans must ask where this evil came from, as it cannot be found in the desires of God, it is only being permitted in “His perfect will.” The time is coming when evil and its originator will be destroyed. Written by Frankie The Earthman, Happy Easter.

Man is best at deceiving and destroying, we must ask about the origin of this evil.

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