It’s obvious to me what Joe Biden’s intentions are. For example, while Russia is testing its ICBMs, Joe Biden wants to defund the United State‘s ICBMs. Go figya. Joe wants the money that the U.S. would spend on ICBMs sent to the CDC and Mr. Fauci. ( smirk)… It seems the Biden administration is more concerned with toddlers wearing masks on airplanes than the insanity going on at our Southern border; and sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, so they can protect “their” borders. Satan himself could not come up with a more diabolical scheme to destroy America. How long will stupid, apathetic, some 50% of Americans continue to view Joe Biden and his administration as doing an acceptable job?

WHEN WILL THE EVIL STOP? Americans were duped by the snake charmer, snake oil salesman Barack ( backroom blowjob) Obama, and then we were stupid enough to elect his understudy Joe Biden. Whether anyone cares to know it or not, we in America are in phase three of a ‘shaking judgment’ permitted by the hand of God. Let me help you remember what the first two shakings were, remember 9/11?… remember the economic collapse of 2008? … Well, the Biden presidency is shaking number three.

If anyone wants to look at current events through the “natural eye” and continue thinking in the “natural mind”, let this ‘voice in the wilderness’ warn you, we (the world) are on the threshold of the Tribulation Period. AGAIN, STUDY DANIEL’S 70th WEEK, THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE, JUST TO START YOUR UNDERSTANDING. Frankie The Earthman … Human nature and the rebellious nature of humanity towards God is a very mysterious thing. For instance, the messages like I’m delivering on this blog, (if I lived back in the ancient times would have got me thrown in jail) because the people just did not want to hear what God’s word has to say. Give us “post-modern idiots” our phones, our social media, our net worth, our inclination to murder, ( and then justify it, often, by blaming someone else or the “judicial system” that we are all enduring.

As Jim Morrison so correctly saw into the deep darkness that can be the mind of man: THIS IS THE END, BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! But, I would add, not the end of the world, but the end of an age, ushering in a new one. Again, Frankie…

Be still and know there is a God…

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