The following is a quick look at a study in Michael Heiser’s book THE UNSEEN REALM. I, am called to relay what I believe to be a real faith “foundational builder” or an “already existing faith booster.” I can’t help but think of family and loved ones. So here’s thinking of : Mizuho, Ari’el, Lauren, Andrea, Jennifer, and many that I will leave unmentioned, yet carry in my heart.

In reading Psalm 82, if there are other divine sons of God, what are we to make of the description of Jesus as the “only begotten” son of God? John 1:14, 18; 3:16, 18 & 1 John 4:9 How could Jesus be the only divine son when there are others? Modern ears easily confuse the translation “only begotten” which seems to contradict the obvious statement in the Old Testament about other sons of God, it implies that there was a time when the son did not exist, that he had a beginning.

Let’s look at the Greek word monogenes. It doesn’t mean “only begotten” in the “birthing” sense. There is a misunderstanding of the root of the Greek word. Monogenes was thought to have derived from two Greek terms, monos (“only”) and gennao ( to begat, bear” ). Greek scholars later discovered that the second part of the word monogenes does not come from the Greek word gennao but rather from the noun genes (” class, kind”) The term means “one of a kind” or “unique” without the connotation of created origin. Since Jesus Is indeed identified with Yahweh and is therefore, with Yahweh, unique among the elohim that serve God, the term monogenes does not contradict the Old Testament language.

Understanding this is borne out by the New Testament itself. Look at Hebrews 11:17. Isaac is called Abraham’s monogens. We know that Isaac was not the “only begotten” son of Abraham. Abraham had earlier fathered Ishmael. (Genesis 16:15; 21:3) The term must mean that *Isaac was Abraham’s unique son, for he was the son of the covenant promises. *Isaac’s genealogical line would be the one through which Messiah would come. Just as Yahweh is an elohim, and no other elohim are Yahweh, so Jesus is unique Son and no other sons of God are like him.

* This account explains the ancient and ongoing battle between Arabs and Jews. Read the account of Abraham, Sarah, and Abraham’s concubine Hagar, and the deeper meaning of Isaac and Ishmael’s births. It’s truly a family affair, the birthright battle still rages.

Comments by Frankie The Earthman: It is my great honor to share the scholarly work of Michael Heiser’s book THE UNSEEN REALM. This post can be verified by referencing pg 36 and 37 of this book. I highly recommend getting his book and reading it, in it’s entirety. You will learn exponentially that we in our modern culture must be careful with the traditions and translations of modern-day men, and the “watering down” of God’s word, a lot is misquoted, misread, and misunderstood. As mentioned before, I desire to spread what I view as important studies in God’s word. Sometimes we have to “stand on the shoulders of others” for this to happen. Hats off to Michael Heiser. Frankie The Earthman.

“The road to truth is filled with the sound of many converging voices that we must discern.” Quote by Frankie The Earth Man. Photo by Frankie.

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