I have found that preaching, teaching, talking, or even thinking about higher or absolute truths is a very dangerous precipice.

Anyone that attempts to do so, finds themselves in an extreme minority, especially in our modern day, politically correct, cancel culture society. How dare anyone try to approach teaching absolute truth, let alone spread it to the masses. I have also found that man, of himself, could not begin to explain absolute truth. The truth being he finds himself in an “alignment process.” Anyone can make a set of rules, a religion, and follow “align with them,” and make them their absolute truth.

In this day and age, everyone is encouraged to develop their own truth, and to feel free to let everyone know what that personal truth is. This is why we have the chaos that we have today. John Lennon wrote, “Whatever gets you through the night is all right, all right.” This, if believed by the masses leads to lawlessness and chaos. It also is a self-destructive setup mechanism, perpetuated through the guise of freedom. In reality, it is bondage.

I mentioned an “alignment process” concerning ‘absolute truth’ or any set of rules and beliefs for that matter. I have looked at all the world religions. I decided long ago to ‘align’ myself with Christianity. To me, it takes more faith to believe in all other of the belief systems that are out there; than it does accepting the history, believability, and likelihood of the truths of Christianity.

Please know, that I am aware everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and belief systems, their world views.

To me, Christianity provides the answers because I have learned that religion “as it is called” should be about relationships; a relationship with God, a relationship where God’s son overcame humanity’s biggest enemy which is death, by overcoming death, proving that He is God. Who else has done this? Frankie The Earthman.

Look around, why do you think the “average spiritually dead person,” ( Spiritually dead meaning they are not aware of, and don’t have a personal relationship with God, they have not been enlightened ), and they are the majority, don’t care about spiritual matters?

I believe they have a certain awareness about spiritual matters, but they don’t want to take the chance through a leap of faith. They also do not want to be accountable for their actions or laughed at by their peers. they want to live their life as they see fit, most have little respect for life, and do not understand what it means for human beings to be made in the “image of God.” We are all “imagers”, some see life as a gift and want to reflect on being made in the image of God, others simply don’t get it and do not care.

Be careful what and who you believe in.

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