Associated with the ancient God Baal, child sacrifice had become a practice of Israel because of the influence of the Assyrians.

Moloch, also spelled Molech was the entity children were burnt and sacrificed to for a myriad of reasons.

This history brings us to the supposed ‘leak document’ from the Supreme Court, involving Roe vs Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court and authority for abortions given to each state.

My point being that women have a right to do with their bodies ( to a certain extent) what they want to, but we are talking about a second body inside of them, namely a baby. Now we are talking about two people or more.

Does it appear that the main problem with this whole issue is “when does life begin”? It seems our highest court, The Supreme Court does not want to address this issue, because it’s all about politics. What is laughable, and at the same time “Satanically pure evil”, is that Chuck Schumer and probably Nancy Pelosi seem to think that a woman losing the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and their babies is an abomination; It seems to me our culture and society are obsessed with having ‘our way no matter what the cost’, especially politicians. We demand being able to murder babies, many of us anyway, this is the real abomination and God does not wink at it.

It now appears that our Judicial Branch of government is most likely stooping to the same level as our Executive and Legislative branches. God help us all, the end is near.

Don’t murder babies … Some women need to get over their ugly selves.

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